Atheist Dogma

Whenever I hear militant atheists and that really is the only kind you hear in the public discourse, spew their ever-self-important position on the state of the world at everyone, all I really hear is yet another pie-eyed religious zealot forcing their dogma on those around them, demanding that all of the other fools wake up and fall into line.

For it’s true that atheism is just another dogma, another fantasy-filled heresy against the truth (whatever that might be); another attempt to explain the unknown around us and reassure the believer that he is on the right track. How could it be anything else?

Atheism is full of ‘facts’, of ultimate truths based, the adherents would tell you, in scientific fact. Yet Science is changing its answers every single day. Given, Science is more amenable to change, for the most part, than many other religious dogmas. But don’t be so sure about even that. Have you ever read about or watched a pioneer of some theory go up against the status quo of ‘accepted science’? Yeah, scientists can be just as delusional as any religious fanatic. In any field.

The truth is that proposing to have all the answers and dealing in absolutes, or even just putting forth that one has a grip on the path to all of the answers, is pure fabrication. A religion. A Dogma. The Universe is beyond comprehension of even the collective power of the infinitesimally small human brain, no matter how many connections, synapses or gigabytes of capacity we are told that it has.

The Universe itself is always changing, ever in evolution and even the most absolute of rules are not necessarily more than transitory.

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