Anyone who keeps trying to lump those of us who are against ILLEGAL immigration into a group that is just anti-immigration is a dis-ingenuous liar who is not interested in having an honest conversation. I don’t know a single person who is against LEGAL immigration, in fact, I don’t know a single person who isn’t a complete advocate of LEGAL immigration.

But those dis-ingenuous liars would rather just make their opposition look bad on any issue they can. They don’t really give a crap about the issues, all they care about is pointing fingers and putting others down. They have no desire to actually solve any problems or actually help anyone. They are not advocates of immigrants, they are advocates of division and hatred and their only agenda is keeping everyone divided so that they feel better about themselves, so they can SAY that they care more when in fact they couldn’t care less about anything other than pointing fingers and calling names like a mindless, stupid child.

The fact is that you cannot have a welfare state and open borders. It hurts everyone and helps no one, except maybe those whose only interest is redistribution of wealth, who themselves have an unwarranted bigotry against those willing to work hard and long in order to succeed. And even then it helps do that only until the successful, hard-working, risk-taking individuals amongst us have been bled dry or fled the country.

They are racist pimps. Hatred pimps. People who benefit in some way from fomenting racism, separation and class warfare, even if that benefit only be that they feel better about themselves about ‘standing up’ for something regardless of the fact that they haven’t actually done anything, risked anything. They are armchair activists, too lazy and uncommitted to actually doing anything that helps the person on the street, doing nothing but watching an interactive soap opera where they can have some minor effect on the drama.

They are not worthy of respect or attention until they are ready to stop calling names and lumping everyone together in order to justify their idiotic prejudices. Until they are willing to show up on the street and DO instead of TALK. Until they are willing to work on the solution instead of exacerbating the problem. Until then, they are simply what they accuse others of being. Uncaring. Bigots. Racists. Greedy.

And one more thing- this rant started about the immigration issue, but the core issue of this post is applicable to ALL sides in question, not just ‘liberals’ or ‘conservatives’ or ‘libertarians’. Next time you go to post something that paints everyone with the same broad brush, ask yourself if it’s constructive or helpful. And if you are trying to be humorous, try to make that clear somehow. We are too divided to be able to solve all the problems we have- and there are those who have a vested interest in keeping us that way.

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