The Fallacy of Memes

Meme’s are great. Almost everyone loves them, especially the funny memes, the ones that start your day with a laugh. They usually have a picture and a message and they are awesome when the message is short, funny and/or inspirational. All of that being said, they suck when it comes to delivering a comprehensive message about complicated subjects; and that means that they are perfect for half-assed political cheap shots.

Sone of the memes that always get under my craw and raise my ire are the misleading, stupid memes that have to do with immigration. You know the one’s I’m talking about, featuring a picture or a cartoon of a Native American that delivers the message that if you don’t want ‘immigration’, then maybe you should consider what was ‘done’ to the Native Americans.

Stop it, Stop pimping misinformation in order to foment hatred and resentment. That’s all you’re doing, you aren’t being constructive or helpful or even the least bit informative.

First of all, I don’t know a single person who is against legal immigration. No one, of any political stripe; point that American out to me and I’ll show you a minority of one. What smart people are, is against unrestrained, un-tracked illegal immigration, crossing this country’s borders (we have them, Native Americans didn’t) without permission. And doing so is illegal. That makes the people who do so law breakers in the eyes of existing law, and it should remain that way. You cannot have a welfare state (what America has become) and also have open borders. This is inarguable, unless it is the purpose of said action to reduce the nation to poverty and eradicate its greatness.

Sadly, there are many who seem to want just that thing.

Second of all, and more relevant to this rant, when Europeans came to the America’s, there was no nationally unified country. There were no laws against immigration. The concept, in fact, was completely foreign. All that was here were hundreds, thousands of tribes that were in the final stages of doing to each other what Europeans had been doing to each other for thousands of years, and that is fighting with neighboring tribes from things as petty as just plain being warlike  to things as important as control of fertile and abundant territory. To imply that Europeans were a bad, evil or ignorant people for crossing the ocean to join in the fray is ridiculous and displays a shocking ignorance of how the world was at the time.

The people in America were a tiny fraction of what had been here when the Vikings landed, and they themselves had arrived here in the same way, arduous journey in search of space, food and freedom. But just because there was an ocean doesn’t mean that you can compare the events of the day to events then. To do so is stupid, dis-ingenuous and completely misleading. America is a cohesive, organized State, it has a Constitution, laws, and the comprehensive will and wherewithal to implement those laws. Fifteenth century North America had none of those things. They were not unified. They were disparate and unorganized except in small clans.

Stop being so obtuse, willfully ignorant and party-minded. Or don’t. It’s a free country. But the people spreading such disinformation would do well to keep in mind that their constant lying, divisiveness and fomenting of hate and rage makes them far more like what they keep saying their political opponents are. They are the problem, not the sainted solution that they seem to think they are.

Meme’s are fun, they can be funny and even informative, but before you share anything, make sure that you sharing the full story, that you know what information you’re spreading. And if you are willfully spreading disinformation, well then, you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

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