Why Can’t We All…

I find myself mired in sadness this morning. Not so much anger or anything else. Mostly sadness mixed with empathy for the innocent bystanders that we’ve become a country that has a large contingent of people who react like unruly, unrestrained, petulant children when something doesn’t go their way by throwing childish, immature, insane temper tantrums. Wrecking everything and doing to innocents around them what they assert has been done to them, despite that fact that countless members of their own group and other groups have come here, worked themselves raw and succeeded wildly.

A conclusion by a Grand Jury has been reached, fairly and squarely, despite the fact that there were numerous attempts to lie about the event and twist the story by witnesses and even the national media. The Grand Jury in question was not a panel of white men, it was a panel of peers of all types.

And more sadness that we as a nation don’t deal squarely with the lawbreakers and rioters by shutting them down in kind, by dealing with them equally as they deal with their environment. But nobody wants to be another officer Wilson, whose life is forever changed simply by doing his job and defending his life from a dirt bag who deserves the dirt nap he got.

If we stay this course, we will eventually fail as a culture. Dedicated peace-nicks lament ‘why can’t we all just get along’. Well, this is why. Because there will always be petulant and childish people, closer to animals in nature who just want to see the world burn, who deal with not getting their way by committing violence and human rights abuses on those around them, and those people must be met with force. It’s the only thing they will understand.

Not trying to sound too cliche` here, but stop the world. I want to get off.

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