Bigotry, Tolerance, and Heroism

The most stupid-ass thing popped up in my social networking timeline. It’s a picture of five men from the University of Virginia swim team posing together with one holding a sign that says “Two of us are gay and the other three don’t care.”

Does no on else see the contradiction inherent in the picture itself?

First of all, not only do you not care, but neither does anyone else in America! And if you actually Don’t care, why are you holding up a sign that says anything at all?

Second of all, is that supposed to make you some kind of hero? That you supposedly are posing with a couple of gay men when the truth is that anyone who matters never really cared what people do in their bedroom to start with? Oh, You golden, tolerant bunch of college kids! The rest of the country is so proud of you!

Shullbit. People like this are full of crap. Stop making an issue out of it either way! Being tolerant doesn’t make anyone morally superior or some kind of social justice hero warrior, it makes you a good person. And bragging about being such a tolerant person because you have gay teammates, actually makes you an intolerant bigot to begin with, eager to be able to look down on everyone else because of your self-perceived superiority that you are somehow better than everyone because you are so tolerant of of others being gay.

That is bigotry, You self serving, egotistical, >censored<!!!

News Flash: If you find yourself needing to be tolerant of something, that means you had a problem with it to begin with.

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