Where the Air is Clear and the View is Limitless

Everyone has to hang their hat on some kind of structure to get through. The more adventurous and fearless build their own edifice; they challenge their own preconceptions, test their own limits and find in themselves the strength and resources to erect a structure that has the most chance of being in harmony with the environment they’ve chosen. They are also not afraid to tear down and rebuild or add on to that core construction at any given time.

The more fearful, or less adventurous if you prefer, tend to adopt an existing structure, taking for granted that what they’ve been told, provided for, or maybe even programmed by the culture they are born into is the way to go. Neither is necessarily wrong, and without diversity between all of the different and varying ways of dealing with and living life, what would be the point? Where would all the fun be?

We were made to push the envelope, go further, become more than we are, but not everyone is up for that challenge.

I like being different, running free of the crowd. The atmosphere may be more rarified, but the company is better and life is more vivid and alive.

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