Stupidity From the Mountaintops

More empty rhetoric and divisiveness does not help solve anything…

Do I have this right?

Forty Seven Senators sent a letter to the leader of a Foreign power advising that leader that our ‘leader’ (I use the word loosely) is out of control and has made every move to try and become a power unto himself, but does not actually have that power.

The letter is actually an advisement to the foreign power that our said ‘leader’ does not actually have the power that he purports to have, so the foreign leaders should be under no false impression about what they are agreeing to- or what will occur long term- which to me seems to be actually a pretty good idea. As well as honest.

And now the left is spreading the same, old, tired rhetoric that the Senate, who actually does have the power to approve or disapprove any agreement, is being obstructionist because they will not sign off on a sloppy, one-sided agreement (that gives away far too much) with a foreign power that has shown themselves to be disingenuous in the past, often signing onto treaties and agreements and going on to do what they agreed to not do.

So what the left is saying is that when the other side disagrees with something the executive branch proposes or thinks it can do, the other side is being racist, divisive, obstructionist and treasonous. But the many times that they used that same discretion and power when they disagreed, they were just being patriotic.

Do you not see the hypocrisy here? Are you actually that blinded and stupefied by party politics and loyalty that you refuse to see the inherent double standard here? Are you actually so invested in ‘winning’ at all costs that you continue to be an instrument of divisiveness and hate at the cost of your soul?

What happened to tolerance, compromise and good sportsmanship? Isn’t that what the masses (not the leaders) of the left have preached that they believe in for so long? Or have you fallen to ‘Useful Idiot’ status like so many others who follow disingenuous leaders?

Is that too confusing to you? If it is, then you may not have the level of intelligence it takes to credibly shout out your uninformed opinion everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t Want you to shut up. I’m just trying to give you a heads up on how stupid and hypocritical you are advertising yourself to be.

By all means, keep shouting your foolishness from the mountaintops.

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