Sitting on the Edge

Just some random thinking from today…

Somewhere along the line we went from a vivacious culture of active, individualist go-getters who believed heavily in self-reliance, self-sacrifice, and clear priorities, to a dependent, muddied-view culture of reality TV, It’s-not-my-job, let-someone-else-carry-the-load couch sitters who want someone else to pay the way.

The damage is cumulative, and the more people that sign on to that paradigm, the more likely the rest are to shrug their shoulders and join their friends on the couch.

What a small-government, liberty minded minority is advocating is hard, it’s the hard way. It requires effort, responsibility, and critical thought. Our national system does not teach that anymore. In fact, our current crop of public servants, who fancy themselves as leaders and as authority, discourage the entire mindset. They do it because it foments an attitude of reliance upon them, empowering them with more control over the lives of the citizens of this nation.

We are sick. A malignant cancer presenting itself as the shining solution ravages our national body and mind and the only final result is an unrecoverable flat line. Its insipid tendrils creep out from D.C. and they infect individuals first, and then groups, and then entire populations.

What is the cure? And are we (as a whole) willing to undergo the necessary procedure? How can that happen when a majority won’t even recognize that we are sick and dying?

These are the things I think about as my feet dangle over the bottomless canyon of despair.

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