The Myth of Modern Day Social Equilibrium

The balance of power just shifts, is all…

Modern people like to think that we are civilized, that we have come a long way in the course of human development, but we are not. We haven’t changed a bit.

The moment that conditions change and former underclass finally reaches the point that they (rightfully!) enjoy the same rights and protections as everyone else; a large number of them turn around and use that newfound power to persecute those they perceive had the boot on their neck in the past. Not the actual people, mind you, just anyone that represents that other class.

They do it recklessly, with complete abandon. They target individuals. They are openly hypocritical, but they know that the protection of their status as an underclass will protect them from being called out on it. They ruin lives and wreck innocent businesses, people, and families in their lust for revenge to tear down anyone who resembles the group who oppressed their ‘people’.

They talk a great game about reaching equilibrium, about equality for all and how everyone should enjoy the same rights and privileges, but the moment that equilibrium is reached, a large percentage of them start looking for ways to make others suffer. They rationalize that they are just out to champion the cause, that they are just ferreting out every last remnant of the bigotry that kept them down, but they are simply on a Crusade. It’s all they have known, and they can’t put down their swords.

They will rape and pillage wherever and however they can; maybe not in a literal sense, but certainly with what tools they have available. Lacking a real, personified enemy, they will continue to ravage the countryside, eventually enslaving whoever they can to their own ideas and whims.

They are cowards. They won’t pick on another underclass that would follow through on threats of violence, one that actively and violently persecutes them and kills them in less ‘advanced’ cultures, no, they pick on a group that would never do that. That makes them cowards.

I shouldn’t have to explain what makes them bigots.

We haven’t improved a bit. We just have different tools and more advanced methods of hurting and ruining each other. The balance just shifts, is all.

For all of our hubris, many of us are still, at heart, uncivilized bigots and cowards who will not hesitate to lord any power we have over any underclass or group that we can. Calling ourselves an ‘underclass’ or ‘persecuted’ in order to justify our actions is just more sniveling cowardice.

It’s a shame, really. But it’s human nature to lie to ourselves.

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