Bystanders, Villains, and Everyday Heroes

A Light Shines in Baltimore…

We’ve spent so much energy being angry about Baltimore- and other things, that we forget the Good people who step forward. We tend to toss a blanket description over everyone and turn our backs to continue a diatribe to those who see, or want to see, nothing more than the red meat details of woe and victimization. It’s a pattern we see repeated over and over, and it’s time to break the pattern.

In times of peace or in just our everyday lives, it can be easy to forget that heroes, people of strength, integrity and fortitude exist all around us, unseen, unrealized, and unappreciated.

Sometimes, it takes unrest and conflict for those vitally important traits to shine through in the people around us, and the real heroes shine through as a matter of course; quietly and without desire for recognition. They do it because they understand what is right, and for many it isn’t even a choice. It is something that simply Must be done.

But we all have that choice. When the time comes, what choice will you make? Will you be a Villain? Will you be a Hero? Or will you be a bystander?

Don’t wait until the time is upon you. It might sound like something pointless to ponder because you might never be called upon, an emergency or tragedy might never happen. But you need to make that choice now. And when the time comes for you to participate, you’ll know who you are and what it is that you have to do. Study after study has shown that the people who survive tough times or situations are the people who made their decisions far ahead of time, people who pondered what it is they would do in any given scenario.

We all know what we’d like to be when the time comes, how we’d like to be able to step up, or not. But that takes forethought, contemplation, and maybe an evaluation of who it is you really are as opposed to who you’d like to be.

Will you Boldly Question the status quo at the risk of being ostracized?

Will you Speak without fear, even if your voice shakes?

Will you Hold to the Truth, even if it costs you dearly?

I know the answers to those questions for myself. The question is, do you? Have you even thought about it?

Think Now. And when the time comes, you can be that light in times of darkness, strife, and struggle.

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